We in Montex Swiss call the strategy successful if it creates a sustainable competitive advantage over rivals that enables us to get profitability higher than the average in the same business area within several years of operation.
In short, our strategy making process can be described with the following steps:

  • defining a vision of the future
  • performing strategic analysis
  • setting the targets
  • working out alternatives
  • evaluating and selecting alternatives
  • specifying the targets in detail
  • developing strategy plan
  • detailing the strategy plan into tactics

As no one is able to predict the future by 100%, we take a lot of time to perform a detailed strategic analysis of
  • Macro factors, like political, economic, demographical and legal environment of the market
  • Structure of the market in its current condition, including industry trends and major players
  • Portraits of the clients and consumption pattern
  • Evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of the competitors
  • Adjacent markets potentially influencing the demand of the market of interest
  • Upstream markets
  • Own effectiveness

As a result, we form a comprehensive and practical strategy plan that can be executed improving a company’s operation efficiency relative to one of their competitors in the specific market.

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