With home health care products and baby care products being the focus, we in Montex Swiss realize that our partners face dynamic and complex markets fueled by not only engineering and medical factors but also emotional ones. So, a close and continual monitoring is necessary to fully respond to what the existing and new consumers want. Therefore, all types of market analysis we carry out are specifically designed and approved for a specific product and strictly defined customer groups. The major areas we make market analysis are: Assessment of market potential/capacity Search for possible new markets Evaluation of market size and market shares of competing products and services Competitive analysis Recognizing the needs of consumers Most effective sales and marketing instruments to be used in the market Interests and buying habits of customers as Our main focus is learning of any regulations that will have to be complied wit


For a clear indication of how the business shall interact with the customers, contractors, local authorities and vendors, Montex Swiss designs a business model as a key element of its Total Business Solution concept. The major questions answered by the business model include How is the company going to create value for customers? How is it going to generate profit? What are the key resources? What are the main expenses? What are the structures of those whom the company is going to interact with during the business process and how is the company going to interact with them? What are the strategic principles and core decision making rules the company is going to be governed by? What are the external barriers are for the success of the company and the brand, including other players, competitors, legislation change, market growth rate change? How to deal with the internal obstacles, such as possible lack of financial resources, level of manag


We in Montex Swiss call the strategy successful if it creates a sustainable competitive advantage over rivals that enables us to get profitability higher than the average in the same business area within several years of operation. In short, our strategy making process can be described with the following steps: defining a vision of the future performing strategic analysis setting the targets working out alternatives evaluating and selecting alternatives specifying the targets in detail developing strategy plan detailing the strategy plan into tactics As no one is able to predict the future by 100%, we take a lot of time to perform a detailed strategic analysis of Macro factors, like political, economic, demographical and legal environment of the market Structure of the market in its current condition, including industry trends and major players Portraits of the clients and consumption pattern


Montex Swiss does invest in building the brands, whether it’s at the stage of a new product launch or at the stage of well-established portfolio selling. Because building a brand means building value for the company enabling it to have wider strategic opportunities, to gain certain defense against price competition and to generate more profit. We believe that a brand is not a product/service or a trade mark; it is customer value, logic and emotion for the customer, something that he is ready to pay more for; which eventually creates a competitive advantage for the company. The points we consider are exceeding the values stipulated be the particular environment and making a unique proposition showing clearly what the customer is paying for conveying the right message to the customers in the particular market, taking into account cultural and traditional peculiarities providing safe, friendly and comfortable way of using the product sharing the stories of how


Why are we proud of being able to create a portfolio which is balanced and relevant to the modern requirements? Because Montex Swiss has gained practical experience of the composite system in which home-use medical devices and baby care products are developed, marketed, chosen, used and regulated. The factors we keep in mind for creating a balanced portfolio for the particular market include: knowing the challenges in product development of baby care products creating non-overlapping brands’ synergy within the portfolio to enforce the efficiency of the brands combination due to their relationships and to give the company a competitive advantage understanding why medical devices are increasingly used at home for self-control Back to Solutions


Once the strategic analysis is performed, the targets are set, the brand concept is outlined, the product portfolio is specified, next step is the creation of the brand launch program. For а launch of any brand at a particular market we follow a set of rules that are the same for each country but different in terms of “how-to-do”. The Brand Launch Program shall always include defining the budget developing the organizational plan choosing the communication channels distribution trade-marketing merchandising researching the effectiveness and adjusting the activities Measuring the brand performance is something that we do regularly, as we believe that no sustainable growth is possible without interpretation of performance. Our focus is to show to the user that the launched product is worth its value! Back to Solutions


A fundamental notion of Sale-and-Educate Strategy of Montex Swiss is that a sustainable development and company’s growth is only possible through supporting the education of all participants of the sale chain from distributor to consumer. We have developed a package of educational activities which are aimed at each participant and closely connected with each other. The packages are available in the local languages and can be implemented either by local staff or international trainers located in countries that Montex Swiss operates in. Education includes: Product education Sales methods at POS Merchandising methods Health problems that the product range is intended to solve Debt recovery Workforce management Back to Solutions