With home health care products and baby care products being the focus, we in Montex Swiss realize that our partners face dynamic and complex markets fueled by not only engineering and medical factors but also emotional ones. So, a close and continual monitoring is necessary to fully respond to what the existing and new consumers want.

Therefore, all types of market analysis we carry out are specifically designed and approved for a specific product and strictly defined customer groups. The major areas we make market analysis are:

  • Assessment of market potential/capacity
  • Search for possible new markets
  • Evaluation of market size and market shares of competing products and services
  • Competitive analysis
  • Recognizing the needs of consumers
  • Most effective sales and marketing instruments to be used in the market
  • Interests and buying habits of customers as

Our main focus is learning of any regulations that will have to be complied with in the specific market.

A lot of attention is also paid to reviewing locally published documents, including press and Internet.

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