For a clear indication of how the business shall interact with the customers, contractors, local authorities and vendors, Montex Swiss designs a business model as a key element of its Total Business Solution concept. The major questions answered by the business model include

  • How is the company going to create value for customers?
  • How is it going to generate profit?
  • What are the key resources?
  • What are the main expenses?
  • What are the structures of those whom the company is going to interact with during the business process and how is the company going to interact with them?
  • What are the strategic principles and core decision making rules the company is going to be governed by?
  • What are the external barriers are for the success of the company and the brand, including other players, competitors, legislation change, market growth rate change?
  • How to deal with the internal obstacles, such as possible lack of financial resources, level of management and personnel qualification, efficiency of key indices etc?
  • What are the key competitive advantages?
  • What are the best sales channels?
  • Who are the key clients?
  • What are the key processes for the realization of the given business model design?

As a result, we design a whole concept of a specific non-abstract business model for our partners, giving a clear perception of what is necessary to take into account and to build up for the organization of an effective business.

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